Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June Fun

We have managed to find lots of things to keep us busy despite having a new baby that needs to stay out of the heat!

Swimming is always on the the agenda, of course.


This was Clara’s first time out at the pool at the beginning of June.


Don’t worry, this ended fine.  It was just a depth perception issue with the camera.


We had a little fan that didn’t work anymore and I gave it to the boys to “fix” before I threw it out.  They got it back up and running!


She burned her feet on the sand outside.  Looks like she made a quick recovery


This girl loves to read!IMG_3561

Isabelle did Chloe’s hair for herIMG_3562IMG_3564IMG_3569IMG_3571IMG_3572IMG_3573IMG_3576IMG_3577IMG_3579IMG_3582IMG_3617IMG_3633IMG_3699

We greased up a watermelon because we heard it was fun to play with in the pool.  Belle and Max had a good time chasing it around.IMG_3704

1 month old!



Belle does a good job of helping to keep track of Chloe when we go out.  Since she is too big for the mall playground she went in as Chloe’s helper.


Big 1 month old!



I bought a groupon for a summer pass to the science center.  We went one morning and there was all this liquor just sitting out in the kids play area!  I guess they had a party the night before and it didn’t get cleaned up.  When we told a worker there was a serious panic which was pretty funny to watch.     This was one of several strange things that happened on that outing.  Clara was about 1 month old and I was feeling brave and took all 5 all the way downtown to the science center.  After only being there for 15 minutes that perfect little angel baby had the most crazy diaper situation that I have dealt with in my 7 years as a mom.  Lets just say it involved me using both boxes of wipes that I had brought, paper towels, cleaning the floor, my shoes, having to take off my shirt and wash half of it in the museum bathroom sink (luckily everything dries fast here)  stuffing my baby carrier and nursing cover in the backpack, and us spending about 20 minutes trying to get control of the situation in the family bathroom.  Sometimes all you can do is laugh.  The kids were thoroughly entertained by the incident so I guess that’s what counts. 



It was crowded but the kids had a great time. 


Max on a bed of nails IMG_1409

Later that week we cleaned the church on Friday afternoon and spent a good amount of time playing basketball and having foot races in the gym.  The good news is I can still beat the kids, the bad news is even with a huge head start I don’t have anything on Sterling’s speediness.  Max finally got to use the vacuum backpack that he has been eying for years.   Usually someone else is using it or it has been broken. 


The next morning Sterling went golfing and I took the kids to a little carnival at Chik-fil-a that they were doing since the circus was coming to town.  The kids had fun watching the clown and enjoying all the free games and treats. 


Everything was fun and games until the kids noticed that some kids had goldfish.  For one of the games you could win a goldfish and I intitally said no, but I could tell Max really wanted one and I flashed back to this carnival we went to at a local church when I was a kid and how I just wanted a goldfish so bad that I let him try it.  All three big ones ended up getting one and even though they aren’t supposed to live very long one is STILL alive a month later!IMG_1491

Later that day we got out of the heat and used a bowling groupon that we had.  It was for 2 hours and even Chloe lasted for the 1.5 hours. 



Clara was on her best behavior


We topped off the evening with some tacosIMG_1508IMG_1510IMG_1511IMG_1512IMG_1513

We have also met up with friends a few times to go swimming at their apartments where there is a sandy beach to play on!


Sometimes we go to tot town at a local church where a few times a month they turn their gym into a big playroom.  Its only 15 dollars for the whole year and Belle has always been jealous that she had to go to school when they boys got to go play so we have taken her several times. 


Chloe loves these little roller coaster rides they have and I have to keep a close eye one her so she doesn’t try to bulldoze over anyone to get to one.  IMG_1522IMG_1524IMG_1569IMG_1589IMG_1592




Rachel Rinderknecht said...

I love all of your pictures! I always say this but you have the cutest kids and the cutest family!

Jacki's travels said...

Looks like a fun and busy month of June around there! Such cute pictures.

Connie Burrows said...

No June gloom in the Dibb's family. Precious pictures showing lots of fun!