Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Break


It was a great Christmas break this year and I was sad for it to be over.  We had some great weather and enjoyed lots of fun things together. 


This is called safety campfire,  we build the fire inside the pool fence and I keep Chloe outside of it.  A much safer and fun time for all. 


Boys and fires.  All three are obsessed with piling on the sticks.  IMG_0887IMG_0888IMG_0889IMG_0890

Sugar cookies and watching a Christmas carol on Christmas eve.  We also went to look at the temple lights which was a bit stressful for me.  I may have been raised with the slight fear that someone could break in and steal all your presents if you left your house unattended on Christmas Eve.   Thank goodness for high tech security systems, the gifts were all still here when we got back.  IMG_0891IMG_0893

This one is a little goofball.  I do fix her hair everyday.  Several times a day.  She delights in her wildness though and usually wins. 


Christmas day was fun.  The kids were delighted about all the gifts as well as the ones they had picked out for each other at the dollar store.  I was proud of Belle because she was one classy gal.  She really wanted an American Girl Doll from Santa but didn’t get one.  She told me she was disappointed a little but happy with her other things and didn’t pout at all.  Luckily she has quite the grandma and there happened to be a Molly American Girl doll all wrapped up under the tree that she opened a little while later.   She was one happy gal. 


The next day we got 4 chickens!  They have been a hoot and the kids are quite the farmers.  Hopefully we still have four tomorrow morning though because I waited a little long to put them in their coop tonight and 3 had already roosted in a tree.   They have been fun though, maybe I will post more about them later.IMG_1033IMG_1036

Gingerbread housesIMG_1039IMG_1040IMG_1041IMG_1042IMG_1044IMG_1046IMG_1047

New Years eve, banana splits.  It was a less eventful time than last year because our neighbors toned down their fireworks and didn’t not burn anymore holes in our trampoline this year.  IMG_1048IMG_1049IMG_1050

Chicken watching.IMG_1053


Jacki's travels said...

I loved all the pictures. Looks like you had a very fun Christmas and New Years with all the necessary activities! Glad the presents were safe during your Christmas Eve excursion:) especially Molly. The picture of Sam and Sterling is so cute - he loves his daddy!

Libby said...

What a fine time together. Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas.

Connie Burrows said...

Looked like LOTS of fun.