Friday, December 20, 2013

Chloe Goes to Nursery

A few weeks ago Chloe started nursery.  Her first week went pretty well.  Sam just took her hand and she trotted right in.  Then later she fell off the little chair while playing playdough and started bleeding everywhere so they had to come get me.  She was fine and I took her back in and she did alright after that. 


first day

The next week Chloe wasn’t as excited….I expected this.

nursery 2nursery 3nursery 4nursery 5nursery 6nursery


Audrey said...

So cute! Hard for her to be away from momma, daddy & family.

Rachel Rinderknecht said...

It looks like Sam was trying his best to get her in there :) I love reading your blog Nika!

Jacki's travels said...

So sad:(. Sammy was being a patient brother tho:)

Connie Burrows said...

Got caught up. Loved it all. Glad for another "cute" Dibb on the way!