Sunday, March 3, 2013



The boys and I glue these cups to a lazy susan to make a little crafty caddy.  It is working out nicely and Sam must take after his sister and enjoys art.


I was washing the dishes and was hear Sam say things like “Jesus Christ” and “Amen”.  I looked over and he had rigged up the vaccuum like this and told me he was giving a talk.  It does look like a microphone when you think about it.IMG_1261_thumbIMG_1262_thumbIMG_1263_thumb

Poor Max!IMG_1266_thumb

Some friends brought us valentines donuts from Krispy Kreme and another friend brought us sugar cookie.  The YW also “heart attacked” our yard so we definitely felt some love.  For our family valentine date we went out to Someburros for a tasty dinner out on their patio.  That is one of the kids favorite places and its casual enough to very enjoyable with kids.  We had to rush through a bit because …IMG_1268_thumb

We were going to Skype with Sterling’s parents while they opened their mission call to Milan, Italy.  IMG_1269_thumbIMG_1271_thumb

Sterling getting ready to leave for his snow campout.  Max wants to go with him so bad every time and he is such a brave boy and doesn’t whine about it. 


Wondering about what each patch means.  I got all the food ready for this campout.  Holy Cow, that was a lot of work! Luckily we don’t do it that way too often, but it took many hours.  IMG_1277_thumb

As soon as Sterling left the kids felt the need to have a party by hurling all their stuffed animals into the kitchen.IMG_1280_thumbIMG_1282_thumbIMG_1285_thumb

This one loves to feed herself.  Feeding time is a mess!IMG_1287_thumb

Maybe this will keep Sterling from leaving us unattended on a Friday night.  Sam walks in those better than I do.  IMG_1289_thumb

There was some snow in the cooler when Sterling came home.  It was warm here though so it melted quick.IMG_1290_thumb

We had some great coupons to Pei Wei so we enjoyed a nice dinner after Sterling came home.IMG_1295_thumb

Chloe enjoyed her rice (and straws)IMG_1298_thumbIMG_1299_thumb

So many fun valentines cards came in the mail.  Thanks to all who sent them, my grandmas, my parents and Leslee.  Chloe is enjoyed her first Valentine.


Through Belle’s school we got signed up for this little piano scholarship for kindergarteners where they get 6 piano lessons.  She is loving it.  It’s a bit of a drive (okay only like 7 miles) but its just for 6 weeks.


Max is really starting to learn his letters and enjoys “reading”.  It is so cute to hear him tell the stories to Sam the way he remembers them.  IMG_1306_thumbIMG_1308_thumbIMG_1311_thumbIMG_1312_thumb

One morning I left Chloe in the living room while I checked the bathroom real quick before my visiting teachers came over (you know how that is)  and I heard some piano music.  I went in to check on things and there she was.  Quite pleased with herself.  IMG_1314_thumbIMG_1317_thumbIMG_1319_thumbIMG_1320_thumb

After a  storm Max went out to survey the yard and came back in and told me that we wouldn’t need to buy him a zipline after all because he found one in the backyard.  This palm frond was hanging down by their slide so he has been enjoying swinging on it like a jungle man. 


Sam had smuggled my sewing measuring tape out to use for a fishing pole.  Why oh why don’t they play with toys?IMG_1325_thumbIMG_1327_thumb

A trip to Lowes the other morning.  Their favorite store.  These baskets keep the boys a little more focused. 


First beater.


IMG_8144 - CopyIMG_8151 - CopyIMG_8156 - Copy

Playing dolls.

IMG_8166 - CopyIMG_8167 - Copy

No comment

IMG_8173 - Copy

Sterling’s Valentine present arrived. IMG_8176 - Copy

I told him it was the gift he never knew he wanted.IMG_8177

We put up the boys bunkbeds to give us a little more floor space in their room.  We just left the ladder off so no one can get up top.  Sam is out the crib.  Boohoo.  It had to end sometime.  Sterling is, as usual, father of the year.  He was been teaching him to fall asleep in his bed and making good progress.  IMG_8180IMG_8181

Belle reading to Max last night.  She can read pretty much anything now.  Amazing how much progress she has made since school started.  IMG_8192

Last weekend we went through the house and came up with a nice pile of stuff to get rid of.  We did an easy garage sale Friday morning and made some money pretty quick.  The bonus was that a few extra yard chores got done in the meantime.  The kids had a great time too and Chloe was so kind to sleep in really late.


Chloe has joined the tissue destruction club.IMG_1354IMG_1355

So much fun watching shower time for the kids.  She just wants to be in the middle of it all.IMG_1356

Life is good!


Jacki's travels said...

Looks like a lot of fun around there. I can hardly wait to see you all again .

Jacque said...

I'm dazzled at how fast your kids are growing. They sure have a lot of personality and creativity. That what comes from having wonderful parents. Your humorous comments and tidbits of family news are very entertaining. We miss you and think of you often.