Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bring on the Cuteness

Here is a recap of the last month or so.

We had tons of lemons hanging into our yard from our neighbors tree.  We picked them and had some tasty lemonade a few times.  They were not too juicy, probably from the freeze, but still tasty.   Also, when it froze our pool got a sheet of ice over the top!  Haven’t noticed any broken pipes yet, but its always hard to tell that anything is wrong with a pool until it gets HOT!


Chloe really likes to give a big cheese face for the camera.


Got my haircut and my mom wants to see what it looks like  Pretty much the same as before. 


Meanwhile the boys were trying to put makeup on Chloe.



Afternoon walk.IMG_1158IMG_1159


Okay, so there is such a thing as too big of a hair bow.  This was the first time I had seen such a thing.IMG_1162

It rained for over 3 days straight.  Highly unusual here in the desert.  Our pool was getting too full so Sterling his helpers had to drain some of it. IMG_1163IMG_1165IMG_1168IMG_1169

Who are we kidding, the kids obviously did the hard work.IMG_1172


Sterling doesn’t have a lot of extra time so he likes to maximize his workouts.  Arms, legs and abs all at once.


Headed down to Mesa for dinner one Sunday.


This one melts my heart.  So big and so little all at the same time.


One Saturday Sam “rode” one of the bikes all the way to a different park than usual to go to a birthday party.  I really pushed him and he steered.  The next Monday when we were headed out to get Belle for school I found this waiting at the gate.  So cute, he wanted to ride his airplane.  Luckily he was easily coaxed into the stroller.  IMG_1213

Max’s love of climbing trees.  This was a tree he hadn’t seen before and he wasted no time. 


He yelled out for some help getting down and Sam jumped out of the stroller and said “I’ll help you max”.  So cute.


Belle is getting really strong (okay she has always been really strong) but also very good at the monkey bars.  She hadn’t been trying them much for the past 8 months since she got the wind knocked out of her falling awhile ago, but now she works on them everyday. 


FINALLY addressed my Christmas thank yous.  They are easy to write and I usually do it right away, but then they end up in a drawer instead of the mail box.  why oh why?


Maybe this is why?IMG_8014IMG_8015

We threw a big surprise baby shower for Mandi.   It was so exciting and she was truly surprised!  That was the best part.  There were about 25 ladies there so she got lots of fun presents.  Isabelle of course was the biggest helper and she was so excited she could hardly contain herself. 

watching for the car



The baby shower had an ice cream sundae bar and so we used the left over toppings for carmel apple treats for family night.  IMG_8044IMG_8045IMG_8047IMG_8051IMG_8053IMG_8057IMG_8060IMG_8075

We made this strawberry boquet for a friend.  Max was so in love with it that he really didn’t want me to give it away.  Sterling didn’t think it was that cute!  Can you believe that! Max has a funny sense of humor, he was playing off of Sterling thinking it was not cute and trying to get me to not give it away.  “No mommy, you should leave it here, she won’t like it”  because he wanted to eat it all.IMG_8077

Box from Grandma.IMG_8081

One morning the boys wanted to sample each type of pickle we had in the fridge.  Silly guys.  IMG_8082IMG_8085IMG_8093IMG_8098IMG_8100

Mostly we have been going to the park a lot, doing church stuff, helping a few friends out.  Sterling had an old root canal with a big problem and had to get a little surgery done on it.  Thank goodness for dental insurance!  He was a little out of it most of one weekend right before they did the surgery but has recovered quickly.  We miss him a lot when he is sick!  He is such a helpful guy!


Jacki's travels said...

Absolutely adorable! Chloe is so funny when she smiles big for the camera and she is standing so confidently. Can't wait to see them all soon.

Connie Burrows said...

Darling, cute, adorable, sweethearts...Enjoy!

Audrey said...

It's amazing how fast all the kids are growing :)