Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Two weekends ago we had some very fun visitors.  My Grandparents came to town to visit all their family in the area.  We all had a great time and it was so much fun to spend lots of time visiting with them and they were VERY helpful with the kids which was nice.  Sadly it was literally freezing for much of their visit but they didn’t seem to mind.   I felt like I wasn’t really well prepared because I had been quite sick for the first part of the week with some kind of reaction to my flu shot.  They were very easy going guests though and certainly made my life easier while they were here. 

They arrived on Friday.  We went hung around the house and then went to Costco in the afternoon where Sam had Grandpa wrapped around his finger and even got him to go get him a second popcorn sample.   That night we came home and made dinner and then Grandma and I did the food shopping for the big party we were having the next day.  I slipped on a big puddle of water that had leaked out of the freezer.  I was fine though, luckily it was me and not Grandma.  Also, prior to dinner that evening there was some lively wrestling going on with Grandpa and the boys. 

The next morning we had a big pancake breakfast and then got ready for the other guests that were coming that day.  Josh and Stephanie, Dakota and Trae drove up from Tuscon to spend the day with us and later Dennis, Martha, Alex, and also Adele came to dinner.  Dennis and Martha were also watching Jack and Lilly so they were here too.   We had the Café Rio meal with sweet pork.  It was so fun to have everyone here and visiting.  The noise level was quite high with all the kids and their main activities of choice which were block and marble track, both of which are noisy. 


Stephanie and Martha.   It was my first chance to have a long visit with Stephanie in person and I really enjoyed getting to know her.  Martha also enjoyed meeting her and they were able to discuss a lot of about Alex’s special needs.  IMG_7936

Grandpa, Dakota, Josh and Adele.IMG_7938

Dennis and Alex showing off his standing skills.IMG_7941

Josh and StephanieIMG_7942

A happy unsupervised boy with a lot of candy within reach.


Lilly, Jack, Trae and Isabelle.IMG_7944

Sam and the candy




I think the kids ate A LOT of treats while the adults were busy talking.  They seemed to have a great time.  IMG_7950IMG_7951

Superdad getting several kids ready for church.  IMG_7952

So happy to get a picture of the group here… after church no less.IMG_7961IMG_7967IMG_7972IMG_7974IMG_7975

Grandma and Grandpa babysat for a bit while I ran to Costco kid free to load my cart up with those big items that I usually can’t fit.  Max was really pleased with the haul.IMG_7978

We also taught Belle to play scrabble.  She now had a words with friends game going slowly with Grandma on the ipod touch.  IMG_7980IMG_7982

That same Monday night Grandma treated us, Denis, Martha, Alex, Seth, Catherine, Adele, my grandpa’s niece Kim and her daughter to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.  It was a lot of fun.   Sterling kindly took the boys and Chloe home after awhile and Belle and I got to stay and visit. 


We were sad to see our visitors go and felt spoiled that they stayed with us for so long.  Thanks so much.   My kids like to tell people they have four grandmas (my two grandmas and their own two grandmas)  and they are so blessed to know four grandma’s so well who all love them.  IMG_7984


Jacki's travels said...

So many fun pictures - thanks for sharing all the activities. It looks like a great visit for all.

Tarin said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time! It so nice to see family all together.

Stephanie said...

Great photos! Your kids are even more adorable in person. I can't wait to have you guys down. J is out of town but we will be sure to discuss it when he returns! Hugs to you all!

Leslee said...

Sounds like a great visit!

Connie Burrows said...

Got caught up again. Great pictures and great blog. Very nice pictures of kids and Gt. G. & G. Davidson.

Sister Naivasha Burrows said...

Love the photos. The kids are growing up so fast. Way to keep up blog for the rest of us. Thank you