Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chad Lewis

While we were at Sea World on Friday during our San Diego trip, we headed out to the car to warm up and have some lunch.  Everyone was in their seats eating.  Sterling had pulled through the parking spot and we were just sitting there talking and eating.  As Sterling was saying something to me I noticed this big guy in a BYU jacket  walking through the parking lot and I thought to myself “that has to be some sort of athlete”.  Sure enough just as I was thinking that Sterling says, “Oh my gosh, that’s Chad Lewis!  Get the camera!”  And he hopped out of the car just as Chad and his wife were by our car.  Somehow I had the camera handy and got out.  Sterling was so excited to meet Chad and they got their picture together.  Sterling also knew his wife’s name thanks to his book that my Grandma had given Sterling one Christmas.  Chad and Michelle were so nice and friendly and chatted with us for a few minutes and didn’t even act like they were in a hurry to get going.  I was really impressed with them and you could just feel their friendliness.  One thing that Chad said when Sterling was talking to him about his book was to keep a journal.  That’s where you get all the interesting stuff for writing a book.  He said it was a great experience and everyone should try it.   We talked about the game a bit and they could see into the car where all those little face were looking out.  It was nice that the kids were contained!  When we were walking back into Sea World I told the kids that was Daddy’s hero while I was trying to convey to them how special it was for Daddy to meet him and Max got really close to my ear and whispered, “Is Daddy’s hero Strongman?”.

If you don’t know about Chad Lewis he was a tight end for BYU in the early 90’s and went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and he is the NFL’s ambassador to China. 

So glad we got that parking spot when we did and that we decided to stop and play with the dolphins before heading out to lunch. 



Jacki's travels said...

Sounds very exciting and inspiring! Max is so funny:)

Leslee said...

How exciting!