Friday, December 7, 2012

Let the Christmas Fun Begin!

Sterling had so much fun running into Walmart the night of Thanksgiving for a few black Friday deals (and yes we have used the new crockpot at least 5 times already) that he came home and poured through the ads checking to see if there was any other black Friday fun to be had.  He mostly just saw this Christmas tree at Home Depot which is close by so when Chloe woke up at 4am he knew it was meant to be.  He headed over with his little camping chair and enjoyed a nice peaceful breakfast of donuts provided by the store.  There was only one man in front of him so it was all the thrill of the hunt without all the fuss.  The ladies who worked there were so excited about black Friday that they asked him what he was getting and loaded the tree into a cart for him before the store even opened!

This was our first fake tree and it is quite nice surprisingly.  I do miss the smell but its so much easier not having to remember to water it all the time.  Max was thrilled with it and said “I am never been so excited in my life” or something along those lines.  Isabelle was a little more hesitant that Daddy would do such a strange thing as buy a fake Christmas Tree but she was totally sold once she saw those colored lights!

Chloe scooted on in to check it over.


After a long time of flufifng it up, the kids had it decorated in no time.  The best part about it is that its every family’s dream.  One push of the button and it has lovely white lights (for the mom)  another push and they turn to colored lights (for the kids). 


I wrapped a present for family night and Sam was being a little sneaky dog.  One of the corners was a little ripped so he was over there with his finger trying to slowly open it.  Somehow family night in his mind equates to rolling around on the floor like a giant baby and thinking of as many strange things to do that don’t involve listening to the brief lesson.  I am sure it won’t end any time soon.


Oh hooray, it was the Little People Nativity that I  they have always wanted!IMG_0879

That same Monday was a bit rough.  Chloe had a terrible night so we took her into the Dr. and she had an ear infection.  A week later it was still there a bit so hopefully it is gone now.   That made for a rough few days. 

Tuesday was a greatly anticipated day because Mike was coming.  Mike is married to Sterling’s cousin and was his mission companion.   Last time he was here they talked about him for a long time after he left (“When is Mike coming back?” “Let’s invite Mike over.” and on and on).  Max was so excited to hear he was coming again and staying with us for two nights. 

The first night we went out to dinner at a little hole in the wall Mexican place (thank you Mike).  Max was asleep in the car so I sat out there with him and they brought us some food when they were done eating.  I told Max that Mike had brought it for him and he immediately thought it was the best thing ever and wolfed it right down.  Of course.  Then we went and watched the Young Men vs. Men softball game for the mutual activity that night.  Sterling and Mike had some good hits and the kids were thrilled to be out and about.

The next night Mike showed the kids some games on his ipad and entertained them thoroughly.  Poor Max was so mad that he had to go to bed.    We enjoyed chatting with our visitor late into the evening.  Hopefully he comes again soon. 


Thursday Max had his well child visit for turning 4.  He was all riled up because of the shots.  He never used to care but since Belle’s antics while getting her flu shot where I had to retrieve her from the floor behind a chair and hold her town on the exam table he seems to think that’s how it should be done.  I thought the whole thing was funny but the nurse was getting a bit flustered.  He got 4 or 5 shots but should be good for a long time.  Sam had to get one shot but he didn’t carry on or anything.   Since the beginning of November we have gotten Chloe her 4 month shots, Max and Sam Flu shots, Belle a flu shot and Sterling a flu shot (although that wasn’t bad because I didn’t have to hold him down for it) and Chloe her 6 month shots and Sam his last hepatitis A vaccine.   Whew!  We go to the Dr. A LOT.  I told the kids the other day that we were going to Walgreens to get my flu shot and Belle told me she didn’t want to go and have to listen to me cry and scream!  IMG_0884

After Max’s appointment we went to the train park here in town.  Its just a city park but has a really great and inexpensive and long train ride and a fun playground and fun model trains.  IMG_0887IMG_0888

Miss Chloe seemed to enjoy her first train ride.  IMG_0893

Last week at Winco Max kept asking for Baloney (is that even how you spell it) even though he had never had it before.  I bought him a pack and he was quite delighted with it and was happy to be eating his baloney sandwich at the train park.  IMG_0904

Just so cute.


That was the day Chloe turned 6months old too!  Such a sweet girl.  Most days after we get Belle from school we play at the playground.  I was going to do a little photoshoot of Chloe in this outfit when we got home but let’s just say the outfit didn’t last and Chloe came home that afternoon in her halfy- birthday suit instead.

Here are a few quick pictures before we took care of the situation.  And yes it is November 29th in these pictures and was probably about 85 degrees.  IMG_0914IMG_0915

Later that night I was trying to get her to show off her crawling moves but suddenly she stopped doing them.  IMG_7357

She can do a great plank though!IMG_7368

This one likes his picture taken too.IMG_7370

Such good buddies.  The great relationship that the kids, and especially Max, have with Chloe makes life much easier.  If Chloe is sad I don’t even have to ask Max to play with her, he just runs right over and cheers her up.  It warms my heart to watch every day.



Jacki's travels said...

Jealous alert! - I wish I could do a plank like Chloe. Loved all the pictures. That is so funny about Max wanting Bologna - "My bologna has a first name it's Oscar, my bologna has a second name it's Meyer, I love to eat it everyday....."

Connie Burrows said...

My dad and I used to fry our bologna. It was good. Cute pictures and antics.