Monday, November 19, 2012

Two weeks worth…

Isabelle’s teacher has her class set up with an online reading program.  Belle loves it and did about 40 of the activities in one sitting.  It is reading books and taking quizzes on what you read. 


This is Chloe’s idea of reading…chewing up a magazine.IMG_7199

She also likes to relax in her swing while we practice piano, or wrestle in the living room, or both at the same time as it usually goes.


Such helpers…and such a mess.


Something possessed me one day and I made dentist appointments for three kids and myself all at 1pm one afternoon right during naptime.  The night before I got a little nervous but it went just fine, even though we were there for over 2 hours.   The boys made themselves right at home with a pile of stuffed animals while we were waiting.  Every mother’s dream to have you children frolicking in a pile of strangers stuffed animals.  IMG_0687

Belle and Max went back by themselves.  I wasn’t worried about them.  Just worried about when it was my turn and the four of them had to control themselves.   That went fine though.  No cavities for any of us.  IMG_0688IMG_0689

Hot dogger here had a quick check up too.  He rather enjoyed roaming around but luckily he was a little worried by all the equipment so he didn’t go far.  Usually kids just need to be scared into behaving, right?




On Friday Max had to go back for his follow blood test to determine the status of his mumps type illness.  It was quite sad and the lady wasn’t as efficient and he was nervous but we made it through.  We stopped at McDonalds on the way home and he chose a McFlurry for his treat and enjoyed a nice play on the playground. 


The others didn’t seem to mind their ice cream cones too much either.  We have a nice McDonalds close to us and at halloween we buy the coupon books for a dollar that have various free food item coupons in them and it makes for a very inexpensive fun outing.    They do it around valentines day too, I highly recommend getting onboard with this fun.   On this particular visit I may have had to educate a young highschool student that certain swear words should not be used around young children, or ever for that matter.   He was so shocked that he couldn’t even say anything after that. 


Daddy spent some nice time with the kids and the fire pit that weekend.  So happy!


Poor Max, by the third hour of church sometimes he can get a bit…lively.  After lunch on Sundays he usually ends up practicing his “relaxing” on the couch in the living room.  He was just so cute listening to his music and working on a puzzle.   I am always so torn.  He does well for the first two hours but he and his little friend get to having quite a bit of fun in Sunbeams.  It is so long for a little guy, but its just once a week. 


Decorating some sugar cookies that I found in the freezer to look like fall leaves later that afternoon.  IMG_0701

For dinner we were invited to Alan and Lindsay’s and it was delicious as always.  Looks like Alan can get the boys to sit still for a bit.  Going to their house is one of the kids’ favorite places. 


Chloe wanted to make her presence known and got a bit riled up for a bit until finally falling asleep sitting up.  Thomas looks like he thinks she is being a bit ridiculous.   The two babies are one month apart, Thomas being older.  IMG_0708

Isabelle always puts together quite the set up when I ask if she can play with Chloe for a bit.  IMG_0711

On veterans day, when she had the day off, she had quite the list of things to do.   Of course one of them was a craft.  We made headbands from an old shirt of hers.  I have wondered what would happen if I turned her loose on the craft section of pinterest.   She is quite the go getter and loves her crafts.  IMG_0712

Then there’s this one.  He is really into helping make the dinner now.  We were getting the dinner all dished up and I left a few little pieces of jello on this cutting board. 

They looked good to him, but I guess they were a little hard to pick up, because…IMG_0716

The next thing I know he is doing this.  Hmmm.IMG_0717


Jacki's travels said...

So very cute! Good job on the dental check up. That is funny that Isabelle had a list of things to do on her "day off".

Connie Burrows said...

Precious..precious. Great dental appointment.