Monday, December 15, 2014


We started out September with a fun Labor Day weekend.  We had a fire in the fire pite a few times,  Sterling and the older three camped out a few nights in the backyard, and of course there was lots of swimming. 


The babies and I hung out on the outside of the fence.  Chloe worked hard to make sure the oreos didn’t have any more of that pesky cream in the middle for the rest of us.    So thoughtful.


Chloe worked on her swimming.  She likes her “swim lessons” and got pretty good at going under and picking up toys.IMG_1931IMG_1936IMG_1947IMG_1948IMG_1949IMG_1954

Oh Sam!!!


Max was switched into the gifted kindergarten class so his workload significantly increased.  He has been getting some good practice on the computer.  IMG_1958

Belle and I did a bit of canning.  We had fun doing that together.IMG_1961

Max was sick for several weeks this month.  Just getting used to the new germs from being at school.IMG_1967IMG_1969IMG_1971

I found this little gem in his backpack


Sterling’s mom sent Clara this cute towel with her name on it.  It is just what she needed since she didn’t have a hooded towel yet.IMG_1985IMG_1987

Post doctors visit train ride.  5 shots for Sam and 3 for Clara and one for Chloe.   Sam took it like a champ and now he will be all up to date for starting kindergarten next year.


Clara wasn’t too sure how getting dragged on a train ride in the 100plus degree heat was a reward for her but she tolerated it.IMG_1993

Chloe really milked that bandaid for all it was worth.


On our way home we swung by Krispy Kreme for some free donuts dressed like pirates.IMG_2026IMG_2027IMG_2040IMG_2042

The sweetest (and very strong) little baby



Monday, December 1, 2014

A Little More of August- Sterling’s Birthday Weekend

In a very thoughtful and generous move on my part, I scheduled my wisdom teeth extraction for a Friday, two days before Sterling’s birthday.  Ooops.  I was in so much pain and so desperate to get them out and that was the first available date so I snatched it up.  He was a good sport about it.  He took that Friday off of work, we took the big kids to school, and the three younger ones came with us to the oral surgeon.  I was getting the full knockout because my wisdom teeth were a big disaster and the oral surgeon told me it would be “pretty gruesome”.   Thirty short minutes from start to finish and the nurse was stuffing a cup of blue gatorade in my face and I must have sloshed enough in the general direction of my mouth to satisfy the drinking requirement before going home, because somehow I was suddenly in a wheelchair being loaded into the car and then suddenly I was in my bed at home.  Don’t you worry, I was coherant enough to say that I did indeed want to take my teeth home with me in a baggie.  How else was I going to get any money from the tooth fairy?  She left me $100 by the way.    Sterling was an excellent nurse and didn’t let me get away with anything.  He kept the drugs coming and the ship running.   If you take anything away from my experience kids, do not wait until you are 31 with 5 kids including an infant to get your impacted wisdom teeth out. 

The next day we had an ice skating party to attend. I went along to just watch.  It was great entertainment and so much fun to watch the kids.


I love this picture of Belle.  She had so much determination.  She started out with the skate helper and falling on the ground and by the end was cruising around and doing little tricks without falling.


By the way, Sterling is the bomb diggity at ice skating.  I had no idea!  Next time we go he will probably be doing triple toe loops or flips or something.


Clara was on a hunger strike.  She couldn’t nurse til the evening on Saturday since I had the anethesia the day before.  The first day she drank her bottles.  The second day she patiently waited the whole day until night til she could nurse. 



We stayed the whole 2.5 hour skate session and also watched the Zamboni, or the “zucchini” as Isabelle thought it was called clean the ice a few times. 

The next day was Sterling’s birthday.   Belle made him a treasure hunt for his gifts.  IMG_1861IMG_1862

I went all out on the cake as you can see…


Little miss cutie at 3.5 months oldIMG_1879IMG_1881

The next week we had some wild weather.  This is the middle of the day and it was dark and almost half our palo verde tree fell right off.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  An hour later it was sunny and 105 degrees.  IMG_1882IMG_1887IMG_1889IMG_1890IMG_1894IMG_1895IMG_1898