Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Year Check up and a few more

This morning Belle had her 7 year check up!  She is a growing girl and nice and healthy.

Her Weight was 56 pounds which is the 74th percentile and her height was 51.4 inches in the 93rd percentile and her BMI is 15 in the 39th percentile.    She was happy because she didn’t need shots, but she did see a sign for ear piercing and was asking me some questions about that.  She wondered how much it hurt and I told her about as much as a shot and I could tell she was thinking it over.   We will see if she brings it up again.


Last night we turned Chloe’s car seat around for a little upcoming adventure we are having since we were moving it over to the other car.  She was mighty pleased to see that she got to sit that way when we brought her out this morning.  She is finally 20 pounds, barely, and it getting less and less happy sitting backwards.  If we aren’t careful she tries to sneak into the back really quick and sit in Sam’s car seat and being 8 months pregnant going back there and wrestling her back up to her car seat isn’t my idea of a great time!  She may be small but she is a fiesty one! Now that her seat is forward I think she will like it!

After I buckled her in and the other kids oohed and ahhed over big Chloe she kept saying, “I’m ready to go” .  I think she was worried we would turn her back around!  All morning as we drove around she was singing about being a big girl and getting her car seat turned around. 


A little picture in front of the school when we were dropping Belle off since we had to sign her in late after her appointment.   I was just going to take a picture of her but some other people thought they needed to join in.  IMG_0898

Since our mascot is western themed they have all these wicker rocking chairs in the front office.  The kids want to sit on them all day long whenever we have to go into the school!IMG_0899

Sam is trying to give me a long puppy dog face because I told him it was time to go home.   He works hard to get what he wants!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Few Sundays Ago




March started out with a huge rainstorm.  It rained all weekend and was a really fun treat.  We got a couple of inches and ran a 5K in the rain. 

I made the meanest decision of my momming career and sold our chickens and chicks. 

There were a couple of reasons but mostly there was one that did not like to be in the fenced in coop/run part and was very vocal when I did not let them out during the day.  They were too messy to always be roaming around inside the pool fence so I found them a better home and made some money off of the deal.  The lady that bought them also wanted the chicks too so it was perfect.  Isabelle is still not pleased about it.  I was sad to let them go and it was such a fun experience to have them.  We will definitely get chickens again when we move to a bigger property a few years down the road. 


We helped at Belle’s field day for school which is always entertaining. 


Sterling got the demo moving along a little more. 


Two little cuties.


Really, I had no idea how much they sit on the counters until I went through all these pictures!


So as not to interfere with spring break, we had Belle’s party a week before her actual birthday.  There are only 6 girls in her class at school so we invited all 5 of the other girls and two older girls from our ward who live nearby.  The older girls didn’t come until later which worked out fine because I don’t know if they would have liked everything we did. 

Belle knew long ago she wanted a tea party so we did our best to make it one.  We served lemonade instead of tea which the girls seemed to enjoy.  About a month before Belle and I went to Goodwill on the half price Saturday and picked out some china for the party.  The girls (and two little interloper boys) had a good old time using the tea cups. 


It was right after school so we had some snacks, including tea sandwiches of course.


These were tea cup cookies we made.  Not many of them got eaten, because even though I made everything else vegetarian, I forgot about he marshmallows having gelatin in them and several of the Indian girls are vegetarian.  Ooops!


The highlight was the trampoline, which I didn’t even think they would go on.  I was worried about having enough for them to do but they could have stayed for hours more and not been bored.  IMG_1545IMG_1546

We ate first.  I looked over and there were these two little fellows just right in the middle of it all having so much fun and being so good.  Sterling came home early to help out (wrangle Chloe) and had a big plan to take the other kids over to the mall but they wanted nothing of the sort. 


The girls (and Max and Sam) decorated tea hats from the dollar store with ribbons, feathers, pom poms, and flowers.  Then we played balloon stomp and a sugar cube carrying game and also stacking sugar cubes. 



I think Belle was in heaven


These boys were just too much.  Cracking me up the whole time.


The party kept on going the next week.  Belle sported a large and in charge bow for Saint Patrick’s day at school. 


And then we had Belle’s actual birthday of course.  The kids had fun playing in the pool and then decorating the cupcakes.  IMG_1575IMG_1580IMG_1587IMG_1589

They were all totally impressed with the fairy toppers that we used that Leslee gave Belle for her last birthday.  IMG_1590

Belle enjoyed a call from Sterling’s parents and also Tommy.  She was pretty pleased with all the attention.  IMG_1595

My parents watched her open a few presents and blow out her candle on face time after we went out to dinner at Genghis Grill, her choice of course.    We love a good party!IMG_1596

Belle was totally delighted with everything she got as usual.  She is one of the happiest gift recievers  I have ever seen.  IMG_1598IMG_1599



We went up to take some picture for a friend and a beautiful park and the kids didn’t want to leave.  


Belle’s last game.  Sterling usually coached her games but Max’s game which he also coaches got rescheduled for the same time so another dad helped out.  She was the only girl on her team for the winter season.  IMG_2482


33 weeks


Spring break was a lot of fun.  The kids never have a shortage of fun games that they invent inside and out.  We also had a fun day out at the library, lunch, the mall.  One day we took out the old carpet in the family room and two of the days we had our tile put in so we mostly played out in the backyard and had a long lunch at McDonalds to stay out of the way.  It was so much fun and a little sad to see it end.  IMG_2496

Sterling was getting Chloe ready on Saturday and she chose this outfit.  If her Minnie Mouse shirt is clean good luck getting her to wear anything else.   After he put her clothes on she went and got her giant bow out of her backpack and had him put it on her.   She is one funny gal.  IMG_2505

Long overdue haircuts.


I fixed this one up a little more after this picture.  He really wanted me to finish because he was itchy.  He told me next time I should use my brain to remember to put the towel in the collar of the cape so he didn’t get itchy.  Well, then.  Not sure what to say about that. 


We took about 5 or 6 inches off of Belle’s hair.  It looks so much shorter and she looks SO much older to me.  It is nice and healthy and cute but hard for me to get used to!  She is quite pleased with it.


We got Sam a mighty machine’s shirt to match the one Max got last month.  He was thrilled when we showed him.  The boys planned out how they were going to be matching exactly for school and try to trick their teacher.   They had every detail planned out down to their shoes and when I laid out their clothes with one pair of gray shorts without stripes they just wouldn’t have it.  Luckily I found the other gray pair with stripes.   They were really happy because the teacher noticed their haircuts AND she thought they were twins.   How is Max so much bigger! I guess he is ready to be a big kindergarten man next year after all.


Friday’s are the day the boys and I (and Chloe) do the yard.  First we edge, then we blow and then we mow.   Max especially is a big helper.  We have a good time and drink a lot of gatorade usually.  Sterling takes care of the trees and exterminating things like pigeons and bees for us though.  Its nice to have things all fresh and tidy for the weekend.  


Popsicle season has started


We got some of these parachuting solider toys in a box from my mom and they have been very popular.  Chloe likes to climb up and toss them off the chair and shout “I did it”IMG_0554

Working at such a young age.  She is good at putting the kid utensils away. 


A bit more of our project.  When I told Max we would be ripping out the carpet that day he could hardly contain himself.  He was like a caged tiger pacing back and forth waiting for me to finish cleaning the kitchen so I could give Chloe her nap.  IMG_0557IMG_0561

Chloe was such a good girl and napped for 3 hours.  Almost exactly how long it took me to finish ripping out all the tack strips!  During the more dangerous parts I sent the big kids out to play and Belle cracked me up when she came back in from playing to ask “if we were almost done with the project”  as I am huffing and puffing and sweating (keep in mind it is Arizona, I am not just that out of shape) .  I guess they did all the hard work. 




Showing off a cauliflower IMG_0570

relaxing and watching a winnie the pooh VHS (their new favorite) after a hot afternoon outside. 


The aftermath of 4 haircuts.  Although it looks like I just chopped up the coon skin hat from the picture above.  Look at sams pretty golden locks on the top of the pile.   I just saved myself at least 50 dollars!  The kids thought it would make a nice doll wig but I steered them away from that idea.  IMG_0584

A little bit fuzzy from the ipad but we did some sock curls in Belle’s hair and she was mighty pleased to go show off her new cut at school the next day. 


Belle left some crafting supplies out last night and today Chloe went to work on them.  She was funny with the glitter pens because when one would start to roll she would tell it…”Don’t roll away”  I guess she likes sorting.