Saturday, October 18, 2014

This and That


One night I Sterling and I were watching a TV show in the living room just after we had put the kids to bed.  We heard some noise and my trained ear said someone was trying to open a package of candy in the kitchen.  Sterling said no way we would have seen Sam (AKA the candy sneaker) walk by.  Sure enough we went back to check and there he was with the scissors just trying to help himself to a late night snack with Sterling’s stash of treats I had just picked up for him at the grocery store while he was putting the kids to bed. 


This summer we went to the science museum a few times with a summer pass we got off of Groupon.  The kids love it but it is exhausting!  It also came with a set of tickets to see an Egyptian exhibit and mummy that were visitng there.   I was totally surprised when Isabelle nearly had a panic attack and almost passed out at the thought of looking at the mummy.  After the rest of us checked out the mummy while she waited outside the room IMG_1720IMG_1726IMG_1734IMG_1741IMG_1742IMG_1746IMG_1747IMG_1748

One of their favorite breakfasts, crepes


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Day of School

Our first day of school was way back at the beginning of August.  It was plenty hot as usual and made me wish as usual that they could at least wait until September to start.  It was a family affair and we all walked them into school.  I may have shed a few tears sending Max off to kindergarten.  He is my big helper at home and he seemed way too young to send away to school.  I suspect it will be hard with each of them.  I was also sad because I was worried he wouldn’t like it very much since he loves roaming around the yard at home and building with his legos and such.  Isabelle was surprisingly nervous even though she had the same teacher as last year.  She was very excited too though.   The new outfits were properly laid out the night before and the backpacks and lunches ready to go.  My mom had taken them to pick out new outfits while she was here visiting the week before.  Thanks, Mom!



The kindergarteners have to use tote bags instead of backpacks because it is apparently easier.  To me it seems like such a pain and is way harder to carry, but we follow the rules!


Next year Sam will start!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maybe the Last of the Summer Pictures

I don’t know though, its still feels like summer here, just with some school mixed in.  But here are some that I haven’t posted yet, or maybe I have.


Movie night


It is funny to see them all sitting on one couch cushion!



Clara’s first swim


This would make his grandma’s proud.  Such a good laundry helper.


Imagine Isabelle’s excitement when Amelia showed up wearing a shirt that she has too!  Chloe wore hers for a bit too.  IMG_4647IMG_4651IMG_4653

I never get tired of seeing this!


Cousins visit and Sam’s birthday

My Mom, Leslee, Summer, Knox and Lacey came for a visit early in August.  We were really excited to have them come!

These two were quite the characters

IMG_0841 - CopyIMG_0842IMG_0843 - Copy


IMG_0845 - Copy

We threw Sam a superhero party while they were here


Had a little visit to the hotel pool nearby


Had some fun trying to get a group shot


Some helpers making the birthday cake with meIMG_4657IMG_4658IMG_4659IMG_4661IMG_4662IMG_4663IMG_4665IMG_4666IMG_4667IMG_4672IMG_4677IMG_4697IMG_4713IMG_4716IMG_4718IMG_4719IMG_4722IMG_4728IMG_4729IMG_4730IMG_4731

Got some cute pictures of the grandkids which I need to clean up a little, hopefully will post soonIMG_4964IMG_4965IMG_4986IMG_5039IMG_5040

Thanks for making the trip down!