Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blog Going Private Soon

I would like to restrict the access to this blog to people I know so feel free to leave a comment with your email address so I can add you in!  I have set the comments to moderated so your email address won’t show up for everyone to see.  In case you were wondering, nothing weird happened to make me do this.  That’s always what I am wondering when someone’s blog goes private.  I have just been going through a million pictures I want to add and I don’t like the idea of my kids pictures being so easy to access plus as our family has grown it gets harder for me to take the time to be sure I am not putting any identifying information out there.




We started the year out right with a fun New Year’s Eve at home.  We did some running/bike riding, enjoyed home made pizzas, played Zingo, did little firework poppers outside and rang in an early new year with the traditional banana splits.    We woke up the next morning to half of our house being freezing cold.   It was rough having one of our heaters break right in the middle of our two week Phoenix winter.  Luckily the heater and the sun got their act together and we didn’t suffer for long. 



Here are some 8 month pictures of Clara in the backyard.   Hopefully I will have the time to give them the once over in photoshop, but at this point that may be awhile!   This was one of the first times she had free range of the backyard and she was totally delighted.   She is such a little doll and we all have so much fun with her. 


Not mad, just a big cheese faceIMG_6045IMG_6047IMG_6050

Belle and I trying to get a yoga workout in.  We decided that Clara was our mean trainer making us get the job done right.



Isabelle was sad that her class didn’t do anything for the 100th day of school but Max’s class had a big party all day so we threw something together really quickly for family night that evening.  We played a bunch of easy games and had some fun snacks.  We also dressed up as 100 year olds and she was totally delighted with it all.  IMG_6071IMG_6077IMG_6080IMG_6090IMG_6092

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ipad pics from November and December


The day Clara started pulling up in her crib I walked in to see this.  So sad, she was stuck.IMG_1663IMG_1664IMG_1669IMG_1672

Christmas face time with the Sittons



Traditional New Years Eve banana splitsIMG_1720